Friday 1 April 2011

Contrasts #2 - Boots vs. Superdrug

For First Aid supplies, I was kinda assuming that Boots would be a better place to go to get that sort of thing.  Superdrug markets itself as a budget health and beauty supplier - get your vitamins and shampoo cheaper here!  OK, so Boots does the same in their TV adverts, but as a more 'old school' high street chemist the impression is that it's more geared towards proper First Aid supplies.

So when I went looking for ice/heat packs yesterday, I went to Boots first.  Well, they have a few one-time use heat packs and cold packs, heat strips and cold strips and sprays and lotions and creams.  Actual ice packs to go in the freezer or hot water bottles... none.  Not one.  Nothing.  Given I'm pretty short-tempered, irritable and cranky with the whiplash type injury, I spent a lot of time swearing and cursing.  To be honest, the whole first aid section was pretty poor; a few plasters, bandages, thermometers, blister treatments... Then I went to Superdrug.  Not expecting to find much in there at all.

Superdrug had the same range of one-time use heat/cold packs, strips and sprays etc.  But!  They also had re-usable heat/cold packs!  Yay!  Ones that can go in the freezer and the microwave!  Well, thank you very much Superdrug.  Sorry I had it wrong.  You rock right now.

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