Monday 5 November 2012

Competition winner!

Aaaand the winner of the competition to win a £25 voucher to spend at Sport Pursuit is.... verity!  Her response; "My favourite bit of sportswear is my shock absorber sports bra which holds me in and stops wobbling whilst I do running and cycling. Wouldn't be able to do sport without it. For many years not having a decent sports bra was the reason that I didn't run!" reminded me how much female specific portwear has come on and enabled more women to take part, especially thanks to decent sports bras.  I often forget how "lucky" I am not to be that "gifted" in the boob department and how easy it is for me when it's pretty tough for the more generously endowed lady.  So, verity, if you'd let me have your email address I'll send you the voucher code - enjoy!

Thanks to everyone for entering and hope you save money on your sports gear by shopping at Sport Pursuit in the future.  I just saved a bunch (even compared with other online stores) on some better fitting base layers for running and cycling and looking forward to them arriving in a couple of weeks time.


  1. Woop! A great way to start a Monday! My email is verityDOTwestgateATgmailDOTcom

  2. Great choice of sportswear from Verity! Was chuffed to spot ShockAbsorber bras on sale today at great prices. Sadly they don't do a 36 band in anything above a C cup in the styles on offer :(

  3. Aw no! Yes, there does seem to be missing cup sizes at each end of the band size range. Odd. (and I do find that the band size is quite fierce vs cup size in Shock Absorber too, so you can't do the usual trick of drop a band size and up a cup size for a similar fit as you can sometimes do in non-sports bras)