Thursday 8 November 2012

Good to go (also, cool x-rays!)

Well, that was reassuring.  Worse than predicted by the physio, when I went for my 8 week check at the hospital, yes they took an x-ray; but not only did they not do much assessment of mobility/range of movement, they did none at all!  The consultant asked "how's is it?" and then moved on to "you need to leave the plate in for another 6-12 months before considering taking it out if you want it out".  And that was it!

I'm allowed to do absolutely anything and there's no need to go back again.

So here are the x-ray progress pics...

10 days after the crash, with no intervention:-

Immediately post-operative (click to enlarge and note the headphone in the front-facing [top] one and the springs and wires in the angled [bottom] one, probably from a surgical implement to hold stuff in place; also note the two screws not going through the plate, which hold chunks of bone together):-

And here we are, 8 weeks post surgery.  Healing up nicely:-

So there we are.  Off to physio this afternoon to get cracking with putting some muscle back in place again.

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