Sunday 25 November 2012

Nice test!

I was quite apprehensive about today's Thames Turbo Half Marathon for a number of reasons.  Firstly, my pace is quite compromised from weeks of no exercise, then weeks of very little exercise of any form after crashing and then surgery on my clavicle.  Secondly, I'm 2.75 weeks into very low carbohydrate nutrition and have very very little carbohydrate in my system (<50g taken in every day) and there was a very real risk that I would have fuelling problems due to not having adapted to accessing fat as a fuel during longer exercise just yet.

For breakfast this morning, I had Bulletproof Coffee (with 50g butter).  In the race, I slowed and walked through aid stations three times, to have a cup of water only each time.  And the short of it is that, yes there were a couple of weird points where I felt quite light-headed and one dark moment when I thought walking and probably stopping would be quite nice, but I pushed through them and was fine after that.  Moreover, I held a stable, high heart rate all the way around (over 92% of 196 if we take that to be my HRmax now).  I held a stable, good cadence all the way around (good indication of mindfulness/lack of tiredness) and I got all the way around the furthest run I've done (by 6km) since Ireland 70.3.

Nike Run to The Beat last year
Today's Thames Turbo Half Marathon
All of that, despite the not sparkling finish time (and going off course and adding a bit in and it was quite hilly) which is irrelevant at this point, is very very pleasing indeed.

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