Monday 3 December 2012

Low carb recipe: Coconut Cream Pie (with chocolate crust)

Coconut Cream Pie with Chocolate Crust.

I think it needs refinement, more and firmer topping (probably doubled amount), so may have to resort to adding gelatin(e).  Tastes great though and the crust is good; possibly good enough to consider making cheesecake with it using salted butter instead of coconut oil.

Dust with cocoa powder to present when sliced and on the plate.


  1. I gather silken tofu works quite well as an ingredient in this sort of pie topping too, and might be something to consider?

  2. Definitely worth an investigation, yes. I was re-thinking this today and thought maybe it could go more cheese-cakey and I could add peanut butter into the base (trust me, we had some of the basic pie with peanut butter last night and it rocked!), double the quantity of the topping by mixing in cream cheese and then topping with a thin spread of pureed blueberry.

    More fiddling required :o)

  3. You could thicken the mixture a little with agar-agar instead of arrow root. It can take a bit of cooking and sets up quite nicely.