Sunday 23 January 2011


Well, it was a hard session for a few reasons I think.

We had a bit of a chat about where I'm at, what I've done and what I want out of my gym sessions and then set off into some warm ups on the TRX.  I did mention I won't usually want to use those as my gym local to work doesn't have them but this was a getting-to-know-you session so it didn't matter so much.  That wasn't so bad, and there was some nice stuff to get the core going with bodyweight exercises on the TRX straps.  Then we launched into... kettlebells!  Yay!

And, gosh, either I was really not physically up to this session (tail-end of a nasty cold, plus perhaps not well fuelled enough either) or they really are a bugger the first (few) time(s).  Each set made me feel light-headed and vomitous (no idea what my heart rate was but given the feeling I had, I'm guessing well over 180) but I pushed on through.  I think I get it a lot better now that I've had Geoff explain how to do the various swings and snatches and it's very different.  More practice required.  A few bits and bobs with some cables and we were done.

Warm up on TRX -
  • incline pull ups - 2x10
  • incline W pull ups - 2x10
  • incline push ups - 2x10
  • jackknifes - 2x10
  • cycling legs - 2x2x10
  • rotating jackknifes - 2x10
  • pikes - 2x10
Kettlebells -
  • 2 arm swings - 2x10 (16kg)
  • 1 arm swings - 2x2x10 (12kg)
  • 1 arm squat and snatch - 2x2x10 (12kg)
  • 1 arm swing and snatch - 2x2x10 (12kg)
  • Military press - 2x10 (2x8kg)
Cable machine -
  • 2 arm row - 2x10 (??kg)
  • 1 arm row - 2x2x10 (??kg)
  • Squat with row - 2x10 (??kg)
  • Incline row - 2x10 (??kg)
  • 2 arm lat pull-down - 2x10 (??kg)
  • 1 arm lat pull-down - 2x10 (??kg)

My HRM really isn't playing ball at all these days.  I've replaced the battery in the transmitter, washed the strap umpteen times, made sure it's really sopping wet each time I use it and there's no low battery warning on the watch itself so that's fine.  But it still craps out and registers stupid heart rates like 221 randomly and the heart symbol flashes erratically instead of with my heart beat.  Very tempted to throw in the towel and get a new watch.  It'd be a shame as I've got 176,6xx kcals of exercise on the totaliser on this watch and it'd've been nice to break 200,000 with it, but... it's just getting too frustrating now to keep plugging away with it at the moment.

Anyhoo... first proper session booked now with Geoff (silly moving work deadline permitting) and I'll have a few more goes with the kettlebells this week beforehand (if I get to go to the gym during the week this week).


  1. I also find kettlebell work pretty demanding -- especially the snatches and catches stuff. It's cardio, strength and proprioception all in one. Whew! Sounds like a great first session though -- I look forward to seeing how he takes you forward from this..

  2. Never had a kettlebell session but have seen them in use at the gym. Sometimes people seem to let go with one hand and grab with the other. Doing thta with a heavy weight would not be advisable with me!

  3. Sounds like a great secession; looking forwards to more report backs and development. Hope you manage to keep work & its deadlines at bay so you can give it your full attention :-)

  4. Alison: metoo. I'm curious to see whether he'll give me kettlebell work to do by myself when he puts together a routine for me.

    Rob: I really wasn't expecting to be given kettlebells to play with, but thankfully physics is very much on your side and there's not huge chance of them going flying :o)

    BabyWilt: yeah, it's only work that's so busy at the moment that going to the gym during the week is pretty tricky. We'll see how it goes!