Wednesday 26 January 2011

Thank you Abel and Cole

We started using Abel and Cole a few months ago.  I decided it might be nice to try to use seasonal vegetables where possible and a good way to do that without all the hard thinking is to use a supplier like Abel and Cole who source produce almost exclusively from the UK.  Since then, we've had our weekly veg. box and added a weekly egg box to it and increasing amounts of meat, game, poultry and fish as the quality and flavour has been really quite impressive.  The bone-in sirloin roasting joint we had for New Year was utterly stunning!  One of the nice features is that you can let them know if there're a particular fruit or vegetables that you don't like and you'll get something else in place of it in your weekly box if it's due in any.  This week, instead of potatoes we got Jerusalem Artichokes, which is great as I've never cooked them before.  (Oh yes, we've had the Kohlrabi incident already and I know what to do with that now :o))

Occasionally, we get a freebie; we've had a loaf of bread, a box of eggs, milk and extra vegetables so far until this week's delivery which included their cook book.  Ohyes!  The Abel & Cole Cookbook is mine for freeeee!   So, thank you Abel and Cole.  Not only for giving me stuff you would normally charge real money for, for nothing, but also for extending my vegetable understanding and repertoire and showing me that normal people can buy good quality, well-sourced meat and fish that is full of the natural flavour it should have without needing to go nuts with seasoning!

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