Sunday 23 January 2011

Tiny bit nervous

I've not been to the gym for a week (mostly work related but slightly illness related).  I've not had a session with a personal trainer since October.  I have a session with my new trainer at 13:30 today and I'm nervous about it.

I have loads of confidence in my new trainer; I've seen him around in the local gym lots and read his bio and he gives off quite an aura of quiet competence.  Will let youse all know how it goes when I get back.  Wish me luck!


  1. You'll be fine once you're there and getting warmed up :)

    I'm joining a new gym this coming week(having not been to the gym in about 3 months now) and am quaking in my boots at the thought of going for a work out. I know though that once I get there, it will be fine.

  2. :o) you're absolutely right of course! It was haaaard but fun!