Thursday 13 January 2011

Coming up this year...

Enough talk of injury, here's what's on the plan for this year:-
Most of this was the product of one night of booking frenzy just before Christmas.  Not sure when we get to go on holiday amongst that lot, and there's a patch with races 3 weekends in a row which is a teeeeensy bit exciting and will mean an interesting period of resting and fuelling which might be a bit difficult.

Anybody else doing any of these?   And does anybody else do crazy things like sign up for loads of races all at once?


  1. Bloody hell missus that is one hell of a busy race schedule!

    Good luck with it all, I look forward to reading all your race recaps :)

  2. Holy cr@p that is some schedule, good luck with it & look after yourself xxx

  3. God, I'm sorry I missed all this! Your poor knee.. :-(

    Exciting news about the new trainer though. And the race plan. Do you have a couple of A races in any of that, or are you just going to see how it goes?

  4. That's a lot of races - I was thinking 1 marathon and 1 sprint tri was a full summer....:-)

  5. Good effort Kat!

    Unsurprisingly as they're all darn sarf I'll not be doing any of them.

    The last 2 summers I've had a race booking frenzy and booked loads in the space of a few days and as the ones I've booked have all been in a smallish block of time I've ended up skipping some.

    My practice moving forward will be to enter much nearer the time, if only to save a few bob!

  6. JAG/Wilt: Yeah now I have it all written down in once place it's looking challenging, but not -too- daunting. I managed 3x sprint tris last year with no problems at all and the rhythm of the first two being closer together worked better than having a huge gap until the last one.

    JAG: now I understand the Grim to be much later in the year (I was being dim before), yes yes yes, would love to meet up and run it with you!

    DonnyFan: I certainly had to have a sit down and a cup of tea after signing up for that lot ;o)

    Alison: My real aims are to improve across the Thames Turbo sprints (actual racing), just get through the Olympic and the half marathon (personal challenges), and improve across the Clapham 10Ks (actual racing). Realistically I think the final ones of each of those will probably tail off a bit due to a large gap between races.

    Paul: 1 marathon is more than enough for one year, in my opinion, and the training required for that pretty much crashes everything else. Marathons scare me!

    Rob: Sheffield! How about the half? :o)