Sunday 9 January 2011

Resting up and Facebook

For once, I'm going to do the right thing and do it properly.  My knee swelled up quite a bit yesterday evening, so I iced it and downed the Ibuprofen and kept it raised.  Today, more of the same and definitely no going to the gym as I'd originally planned.  No cycling to work on Monday, no gym either and none of that on Tuesday.  Just sitting on my arse and keeping it rested so I can get back to stuff quickly rather than struggling for weeks and recovering really slowly.

I've got a lot of races to prepare for this year, so getting injury recovery wrong isn't an option!  More detail on that to follow, but in short it's a buttload of triathlons and a 10K run so far.

In other news, I decided to do the social media thing and create a Facebook page, seeing as everyone else seems to be doing it these days :o)

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  1. "create a Facebook page, seeing as everyone else seems to be doing it these days" - speak for yourself, I deleted my FB account last week... Basic reasoning at, and despite some inaccuracies on which I've been corrected, my analysis still stands. I dislike FB for being the new AOL - connecting to and interacting with the greater Internet in exactly the same way AOL (or, admittedly Google) Groups did and do with Usenet. Badly, if at all, with the only intent being to increase lock-in. I don't know if ayone is going to ever do this "social" thing right, but facebook certainly isn't.

    Then again, it's just me and three other people; clearly, it does suit many.