Saturday 8 January 2011

I shouldn't be allowed!

Mad busy week again (and will be again next week too due to impending intergalactic deadline of the century being next weekend) so not been around online a great deal and won't be again next week and certainly not over the weekend.

Anyhoo, we went for a run today - a tentative 10K around the area and the aim was to just not stop.  The upshot was that about 1km from home, I tripped on a manhole cover and went flying.  Left knee has a hole in my running tights and a small graze, right knee is pretty impressively skinned and sporting two large lumps.   Can't wait for the bruise to come up!  Same bloody knee I bruised quite spectacularly when I hit that car last Friday.  I really shouldn't be allowed to do anything physical out in the wild ;o)  Still. Even though I tried to throw myself face-first into the concrete, we finished in 56:33, a whole minute faster than my 10K race in November 2009.  A new personal best!  *pleased*

My knee really hurts though.  Lots of tea, leftover Christmas cake and sympathy might help.


  1. Oh dear, sorry to hear you had a fall! Hope your poor knees are ok. Well done on the run though!

  2. Ouch!! Well done on the pb, especially as you fell!

  3. OUCHIES, hope those heal up quick ... don't forget to ice up that knee.

  4. you poor thing that looks so sore. i did snigger at your "ow" label :)
    hope you heal up quick x

  5. Thanks for the sympathy guys :o)

    Wilt: yep! It started to swell up quite nicely so I slapped ice on it for a couple of hours before I went to bed.

  6. Ouch! Nasty little cut there - you were going for it again right :-).

    Get well soon.