Sunday 30 January 2011


My second session with my new trainer was a total doozey again!  I feel GREAT!

Little warm up on the TRX straps and then into some real explosive training with some Bulgarian Sacks (I used the 12kg ones after getting to grips with the technique with the 8kg one).  Which I had to look up when I got home as I've not come across those before.  Some more kettlebell work and interval training with a harness (sprinting on the spot against the resistance of it and doing burpees against it) and bungee rope and a skipping rope.  Utterly thrashed and burned a gazillion kcals and I really really enjoyed myself!  Next session in 4 weeks and in the mean time there are some things I can play with in the gym by myself.


  1. Bulgarian bags also totally new on me -- is this at Virgin?

  2. It was Virgin, yes. They weren't out with the rest of the toys, but Geoff got them from the trainers' office so they may be his. I'll be checking the branch where I work to see if they have any there.

  3. Cool. In a way it's cooler if they are his, coz it's means you've found a gem :-)

    You're going to get some unusual hits from the "harness" tag btw ;-)

  4. Ah, you may have a point there about the tags...

    I'm pretty sure my new trainer is a right good 'un as I really can't wait for our next session :o)