Friday 14 January 2011

Queasy belly calls for simple food

When I'm feeling queasy as I have done all day yesterday and today, there's not much I particularly want food-wise.  Usually all I fancy is a plain ham sandwich, just a couple of bits of ham between two bits of white bread with no butter.  Today some tuna and lettuce seemed like an idea.

I'm really hoping that between the state of my knee and stomach/throat/ears that I'm able to return to the gym on Sunday, but I'm really going to have to play it by ear.  Though the huge scab on my knee is getting a lot better, the joint is achey and sore if I walk at more than a gentle amble and/or more than 15-20s or so.  I have been taking NSAIDs, keeping off it as much as possible and not using the stairs wherever possible so I'm hoping that will have helped, but we'll just have to see.

Simple tuna salad (serves 1; 243kcals, 37.7g protein, 15.3g carbs, 3.4g fat, 1.8 fruit and veg):-
  • 10g red onion
  • 35g sweetcorn (tinned or defrosted from frozen)
  • 90g iceberg lettuce
  • 130g (1 tin) cooked, tinned tuna (drained)
  • 1 large spoonful (55g) mayonnaise (Hellman's Extra Light - yes it's heavily processed)
Remove any bits of lettuce core and chop the leaves into small pieces.

Finely chop the red onion.

Add the sweetcorn.

And the tuna.

Then the mayonnaise and some seasoning.

Mix that lot together.  It's easier to get the tuna and little ingredients covered with the seasoned mayonnaise before you add the lettuce.

Finally add the lettuce.  If you're not mixing in a large bowl, add about a third at a time in between mixing.

Stir the lettuce in with the tuna mix and serve with a sprinkle of tarragon and black pepper over the top.

Simple, quick, tasty and easy on a dodgy belly.  The red onion keeps it fresh and the small amount isn't overpowering and shouldn't leave you with much of an aftertaste.


  1. I've just had a stilton, pear and walnut salad, but suddenly I'm hungry again!

  2. Oh nom! I love stilton, pear and walnut *dribble*

  3. dammit, my comment didn't post!

    just wanted to say, looks delish! sorry to hear your belly's queasy, hope it feels better soon x

  4. Blagh, hate feeling queasy, when that happens for me the only thing I can get down is water and possibly vegimite toast. Hope you feel better xx

  5. I have just finished a lunch which is almost entirely not your salad but 100% inspired by it: tuna, shredded white cabbage, red pepper and cherry toms with mayo. I am feeling more satisfied than the stilton salad left me, and still only 216 Kcals!

  6. k425: very handy to know and hope you liked it!

  7. Wilt: thanks hun. Feeling loads better now, but have a cold coming. Can't win, eh? ;o)

  8. Yum! Looks simple but delicious.

    I love your blog, and you sound similar to me. I lost about 4 stone with the help of a food diary and exercise, now I am maintaining and toning up.

    Look forward to reading your updates. Betty xx