Tuesday 25 January 2011

I found some time

Or rather, I made some time today.  I've not been to the gym during the week for a few weeks due to illness, injury and phenomenal busyness but today I made the time to take a break in the day (my nominal "lunch break" which oh so often doesn't happen) and went to the nice gym near work.  And I had a go with the kettlebells.  On the way in I bought a pair of gym gloves.  I'm just fed up with picking off the callouses that form and flake away almost immediately every time I go to the gym and do anything with anything heavy.  But, of course, gloves don't protect your arms even a centimetre above the wrist.  The squat and snatch with kettlebells results in the kettlebell swinging into my arm just above the wrist and -oh- -boy- are they bruised and the bruises came up in under an hour after my gym session. 

So.  I'm clearly Not Doing It Right.

And I've Googled it and to be honest I've not come up with anything helpful.  So I'm grateful that I'm back to the trainer pretty soon so hopefully he can help me get it right.

That aside, I felt a lot better this time going through some of the exercises today.   No sign of dizziness or nausea so I'm clearly better than I was on Sunday and better fuelled as well.  Hoorah!


  1. I've never done a clean and snatch with a KB so I can't help :-/ Great that you're feeling better though. Hoorah indeed!!

  2. BabyWilt: I did a bad thing and Googled it some more. Found some guy who broke his arm doing KB snatches pretty much the same way as me by the looks of things. I'm definitely laying off those until I see my trainer again!

    Alison: thanks :o) Now I just have to stay away from clumsy injuries!