Tuesday 8 September 2009


Last weather observation for the area said 28C and I still decided to go out for a run. Thought it would either be slow or I'd take the usual, slightly shorter route.


I did 5.01km in 29:03! Furthest and fastest ever! I'm so pleased :o) I thought I'd knock it on the head at 4km 'cause I was feeling quite rubbish by then, but kept going. Then I thought I'd stop at the usual place I stop, but kept going! And did the extra loop at the end to get to 5.01km :oD


  1. bloody hell that's good going!

    I can't run in this heat, I'm such a wuss, need my air-conditioned gym, haha!

  2. I thought I couldn't either! The treadmills at the gym still scare me; I get seasick when I get off *laugh* Each to their own I think.