Thursday 10 September 2009

's all just rubbish

Yeah, so the scales put me at back over 68kg again this morning, despite having had 2 days down around 67.7 and staying under maintenance and exercising. Fed up with this stuff. I keep thinking "I've been so good for ages" then I look back at my food diary and see all the days when I was almost up to maintenance and get so down about it. I want to be normal and not have to count and weight and not have to think about food all the time so I end up wanting food all the time, sometimes food that I can't let myself have because I will get fat again. I just can't do having a plate of chips for lunch and then not having anything else for the rest of the day to make up for it, I Get Hungry.

So tired of it all. And then I'm on holiday next week and will end up fatter when I get back as I'll be crap and eat and drink all week and not go out running or cycling 'cause it's so bloody hilly around there. Can't nature gimme a break please? Let me hang loose for a bit and not have to worry about getting fat again.


  1. will you stop being so hard on yourself woman!! you're doing great but bodies naturally fluctuate weight-wise during the week... I can safely say I've *never* weighed exactly the same two days in a row!

    have you been to the lakes before? it's not hilly *everywhere*, and you'd be surprised at how much your body is capable of exercise-wise. I cycled up a big bloody mountain 4 times on one of the days of my holiday! I never thought I'd be able to do that but I managed it, very chuffed and surprised!

    why not either a) run slowly up hills or b) just walk up them... walking burns calories too you know, especially hill and mountain walking! if the weather's nice you should check out scafell pike or helvellyn, great climbs, great scenery and great exercise!! x

  2. Thanks, I did kinda need a bit of a reality slap - having gained another 700g compared with yesterday I am worried the trend is going the wrong way...

    I think walking up the hills might be the solution here, yes. I'd love to just forget about it all for the week and just relax properly without stressing about food or exercise. I'm hoping I'll just want to do some exercise rather than forcing myself to.

    Less than 24 hours and we're off!

  3. I'm sure you will :-) nothing beats walking in the lakes, puts you really close to nature you know?

    my advice... if there's a good day weather-wise - carpe diem - sieze the day! otherwise you never know, it might piss down with rain for the remainder of your week and you'll end up with an enforced 'relaxing do-nothing break' whether you like it or not haha

    there's other things besides walking, running and cycling you know. How about a bit of kayaking on lake ullswater - it's not called the most beautiful of the lakes for nothing... that's exercise, without feeling like you're putting in too much effort :-)