Thursday 19 November 2009

Bugger me, -another- good exercise day!

THREE in a row now! I really didn't want to do anything today; waaay too tired still and a bit hungover as well. It took a bit of effort but I forced myself down to the gym. 50 minutes of routine later (including a 5 minute chat with one of the trainers) and 435kcals burned, biceps feel weird, legs were good for 8kg dumb bells on the lunges though which was good seeing as I've not done heavy weighted lunges in a while.

Did go a bit nuts with the overhead tricep thingies on the Swiss ball and picked a 9kg medicine ball for those. That exposed the same weakness/problem with my right arm as the dumbbell flyes did the other week. My left arm just goes funny and can't take any load at all at a certain point. I think I'll bring it up with my new trainer when I take one on at the new gym in January (I still have a December session with my old trainer at the old gym). My left shoulder certainly looks weird when doing side shoulder raises so that may be related. Definitely worth a check out.

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