Sunday 22 November 2009

Went for it a bit hard

There's a branch of my new gym about a mile from the house (well, actually there are two, but...) and I decided to give it a go. Initially the plan was to go for a swim, but I wanted to gym a bit first. Ended up doing 50 minutes of weights, then only 15 minutes of swimming, but a total of 650kcals of exercise (560 after taking off background, bleh). And lo, I was ravenously hungry. So having had muesli with a banana for breakfast, there was chocolate milk on the way back from the gym, followed by a bacon stuffed bagel, then the craving/eyes-bigger-than-belly really kicked in and we had potato wedges and pizza for dinner, with beer. 500kcals over maintenance. Not too bad had it been only the once this week, but... it happened once already this week on Wednesday. Once, I have pretty much no problem with, but twice... not happy about it.

I just seem to get unmanageably hungry after a hard gym session and choose things that are way too big. I could have stopped after the potato wedges last night, had none of the pizza and been satisfied, but nooo... I crammed the 1/2 (medium) pizza in as well. Lack of self-control to the max. And this morning I'm paying for it in weight (transient I know, but still I will suffer later in the week for it) and muscular ache that is stopping me from going for a swim (I swam the day after a hard gym session earlier this week and oh boy did it hurt afterwards, I can't swim gently it seems and I get competitive if there's someone else in the pool). So. No exercise today to even slightly make up for yesterday.

I'd made it down to 66.7kg earlier in the week but now I'm up to 68.2kg. I'd stayed under 68 since the beginning of the month so I'm pretty annoyed with myself now. Not in my happy range, dammit. Gonna have to put in the effort next week to keep things sensible.

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  1. I have a hard time not overeating when I work out a lot too. I have to constantly remind myself that I don't want to "undo" all the hard work I put in.