Thursday 5 November 2009

Fame! I'm gonna live forever. Or something.

I got vox popped yesterday lunchtime by City A.M.. About M&S selling branded goods. Didn't actually expect to end up in print, but there you go. I wasn't in town today so didn't see a copy of what they say I said.

Today I was interviewed by The Daily Mirror (please don't spit at me!) about my "success story". It was a bit odd and the journo was extremely hyper. Lord knows what he's going to write, but I'm getting a draft before it gets printed towards the end of the year. The photographer is coming next weekend to take some snaps as well. Cue frantic "I have NOTHING to WEAR!" panic. And "OMG the STATE of the HOUSE!". Thankfully, kittens will be arriving in the afternoon to soothe and fill me with "awwww!". I so want copies of the photos, whatever happens.

Ran a bit today, just as it got dark, in mostly new gear. New capri trousers (, the same make and style as the other two pairs I have and the same size but these new ones are horribly loose at the knee sleeve bit. Not sure I'm happy with them. New socks ( and yes, if you order one of these you get 3 pairs of socks *cough*) are -lush- as are the new trainers ( which are Nike+ footpod compatible so when that arrives I will be playing with it ad nauseam. New undies too (, specifically for getting sweaty in and they are also rather lovely so I shall be getting more to avoid the serious cold arse problem I get when running in less than 20C.

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