Thursday 12 November 2009


So this 'ere new gym is very nice. Definitely. Better looked after, cleaner, stuff is tidied up very frequently, there are towels and bathrobes and the trainers plentiful and helpful. Showers are lovely and the toiletries veeery nice.

All of that is well and good, but if you're not familiar with the machines, it's a bit daunting. Still. I have the cross-trainers (these ones - - which have a much bigger vertical travel than I'm used to and a shorter horizontal travel, so it's a very different action to the ones in the old gym) sussed now and the rowers are the same as the ones at the old gym. The assisted chin-ups/dips machine, however is not one to kneel on *cough* (thanks to a trainer for pointing out it's for standing on - I did wonder why the travel was so short!) So caught up in the new assisted chip-ups/dips machine was I that I got overly keen and set the weight to 35kg (last time I used 40kg and remember this machine assists against your bodyweight so lower weights are harder). My arms are now made of jelly.


  1. I want an assisted chin up machine!!

    I bought a bar (screwless ooer) that goes over the top of the door frame but only works on one door and that's the one to the dining room which we never use!

    boyf promises to attach one to our bedroom door frame, we'll see if that happens, not that I'll be any good at it mind!!

  2. Must've really over-done it on the assisted chins though (and the straight-arm pulldowns)... 4 days later and my triceps, traps, lats and delts are -still- sore!

    I'd love to be able to do even 1 chin-up with no assistance though :oD