Monday 9 November 2009

New routine

....and I don't like it. I loved the last one. This one is just icky.

Warm up - 1km on the rower

Ski lunges - 6kg dumb bells - 3x12
Straght arm pulldown/tricep pushdown combo - 20kg - 3x12 + 3x12
Bosu single-leg bridges - 3x12
Dumbell flyes/push up combo - 6kg - 3x12 + 3x12
Bent-over cable row with reverse grip - 25kg - 3x12
Crunches on decline bench - 3x12
Roman Chair crunch - 3x12
Swiss ball oblique crunches - 3x12

Cool down - 10 minutes on cross trainer, 8 at L8 12kph, 1 at L4 10kph, 1 at L1 10kph

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