Sunday 20 June 2010

Great day; really great day

Gorgeous brekkie today of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toasted wholemeal, seeded bagel with lashings of tea.  Bit of mooching about the house and getting ready, along with a banana just before gymming.  And a very pleasing gym session it was too.  Mr TOTKat was with his trainer, so I had a bit over an hour to fill with my current routine plus a bit extra.  I added in some tricep pull-downs and bicep curls at the end after my intervals on the cross-trainer and I can really feel the burn in my arms now!  I also managed to squeeze out 8, 8, 10 with the 25kg barbell with the clean and press, so that's more progress.

Mr TOTKat's trainer was really positive about my "negatives" (negative motion pull-ups), which was nice.  He did think I should be able to do a full positive pull-up if I'm doing 12-15 4s negative ones.  I just never think to try a positive one until I've already done 10 of the negatives, so I have no juice left!

What really made me pleased today was trying on a couple of shirts that were too tight last time I tried them (about a month ago).  And they fit -exactly- now!  The last time they fitted like that, I was 3kg lighter than I am now.  Which just goes to show you that the scales are -definitely- not the only or best measure.  I have dropped 0.3% body fat over the last 2 weeks, despite being well over maintenance last week and only just 500kcals under it this week.  On average across the 2 weeks, I was 90kcals over maintenance, so I shouldn't have lost any weight, but I have definitely done so even according to the scales.  So it looks like I am actually gaining muscle somewhere as well as losing body fat.  My BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is for sure higher than WLR thinks it is for my lifestyle setting of "moderately sedentry" (i.e. I do walk about a bit, but my job is mostly sitting about all day and I log proper exercise separately).

Off now to have a warmed sultana scone with cherry jam and mascarpone with lots more tea!   (and dinner is going to be kangaroo steak with couscous, peas and sweetcorn *dribble*)


  1. My mum swears I look slimmer than when they saw me before the hols, despite being more or less exactly the same weight: definitely some toning going on.

    Though not quite as much as you :)

  2. That scone looks fabulous!

    Also drooling at your dinner!

    Great about the shirt, love it when that happens :D

  3. LNR:- it's so hard to stop trusting the scales to tell you the state of things. The tape measure/clothes/other people is a much better gauge, but still... so hard to actually believe it! Nice that your mum mentioned that you look slimmer :o)

  4. Stella: mmmyes the scone was such a nice treat; it was weird to be able to feel the texture of the flour in the dough, though it was soooo sweet and the mascarpone is a slightly less horrific-in-the-calories way to get a sweet/creamy cream that's a similar experience to clotted cream in there. Nom!

    Wish I'd taken a photo of dinner... ohwait, I did! *update*

  5. Yum! Love kangaroo meat!