Thursday 8 December 2011

2011 - the year of too many races

2011 was the year of too many races randomly sprinkled through the year, no actual training, too much annoying knee injury, but lots of fun:-

(our wall of races, needs to come down now)
  • 5x Sprint Triathlons
  • 2x Olympic Distance Triathlons
  • 2x Half Marathons
  • 1x Thames swim
  • 1x London to Brighton
  • 3x 10Ks
  • And a bunch of Parkruns, but they don't reaaaally count.

2012 looks like this:-
  • 1x Sportive (February)
  • 5x Sprint Triathlons (April to August)
  • 1x Olympic Distance (May)
  • 1x Half Ironman (June)
  • 1x Ironman (September)
  • (and a bunch of Parkruns, most likely)
NO ENTERING ANY MORE RACES BEFORE THE END OF SEPTEMBER! (Long running events, sportives and century rides are allowed -if- they fit with my training schedule and are treated as training sessions, but otherwise, NO!)

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