Sunday 18 December 2011

I knew it'd be difficult

This "not drinking" thing.  I knew it'd be difficult (but at the same time, easy, when I'm doing it), but I didn't realise how hard it would be before it started.  13 days to go before the cessation of alcohol and I'm finding myself sabotaging normal days because of it now.  Because I'm not going to be doing it fairly soon, I make excuses do to it way more than normal now.  Normally I'd have a drink 1-2 days a week.  This week, so far, it's been 3 days and I find myself thinking about it quite a lot.

Partly, I'm thinking to go down the route of least stress, i.e. stop worrying about it, go with the flow.  Stress is worse (to me) than "bad" nutrition - mostly because we eat a hugely abnormal proportion of unprocessed food compared with most of the population (almost none, in practical terms) - I'm less worried about nutrition than I might be.  Partly, I'm getting wound up by what the scales say - which I need to get a grip on mentally as I've been ill and not exercising and eating odd amounts of food and being in varying states of hydration so it's not a useful measure at the moment.

13 days isn't all that long, so maybe the easiest thing is to take each day one at a time and accept what the scales say.  Then when the new year comes, be happy in the fact that life is easier, schedules are easier to follow, nutrition is easier to deal with...

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  1. Try not to think about 'total abstinence' but resist impulse drinking and embrace 'special celebration' drinks (within moderation).

    Stay away from the scales until your routine is settled in the New Year. What about experimenting with making your own non-alcoholic cocktails to find some that you really like?

    We have a larder full of champagne. I know what it does to my fitness routine but still have some little difficulty avoiding the odd 'I deserve it' impulse, especially as MWNN usually has a glass of red with his evening meal. Apple and elderflower is my non-acoholic substitute, or a good sparkling apple or grape juice.