Monday 26 December 2011

Winding it back up gently

Over the last 3 weeks I've been variously ill.  5th December I came down with a chest infection.  It knocked me completely flat for 5 days.  The first 4 I just slept most of the day; the first 2 I couldn't even get up the energy to read or piddle about on the Internet.  On the Saturday, we were due to get up at stupid o' clock do some Parkrun tourism in Sheffield, so I gave it a go.  It was icy, cold and hilly and probably the worst Parkrun time I've ever put in.  But felt rather good to have done -something-.

The following week, I still had the remnants of the chest infection early in the week, so sacked off planned sessions until the Thursday swim, did a nice strength session that killed my legs, arms and back for 4 days afterwards(!) and a long, slow run on Saturday.

Last week, I've had a horrible crampy stomach on a couple of the days, and been pushing to complete a critical project at work which needed 100% focus from me.  That said, I got more sessions completed and had a good upper body strength workout with Jez.

This week... well it's only just started and I'm hoping this cramping nonsense will bugger off, but I've got today's swim in already so that's promising.

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