Saturday 3 April 2010


This week has been very off target.  The aim was to maintain weight while being on low exercise at the moment (I do 2x physio exercises every day at the moment, but no running or weight training until the physio says I can - however... (see below)).  And then there was accidental dinner out on Monday and yesterday was an utter blowout with Gourmet Burger Kitchen burger and chips for lunch and instead of going out in the late afternoon/evening and only having a nut bar in the evening, we came home and had takeaway pizza and wine because we didn't make the cut in the numbers for the audience for the recording we'd turned up for.  The result being that there's a lot of *ahem* "transit" at the moment, some fluid retention due to the huge amounts of salt plus alcohol and now I'm 2lbs heavier than I was yesterday.  Of course it'll drop off a reasonable amount over the next couple of days but might not be on target for maintenance again.  Only time will tell.

Sometimes you can get away with a big cheat like that, but I think this might have been pushing it a bit ;o)  I did, however, have a naughty little gym today.  No impact: 12 minutes on the Wave, 12 minutes on the cross-trainer, 3x 60s planks, 3x 10 bicep curls with 2x 7kg, 3x 12 tricep dips, 3x 10 pull-ups (27kg assist), 3x 15 double reverse crunches.

So.  I really really hope that the physio says I can get back to weight training when I see her on Tuesday, less fussed about running but it'd be nice.  If see say yes... RIGHT! Back to it with avengeance!

Today is our Easter celebration meal day due to not wanting to eat a big roast the day before the triathlon on Monday.  I got a beautiful saddle of lamb from the Leadenhall Market butcher, which I'm going to roast with apricots and prunes and serve with piles of veg.

B - toasted wholemeal, seeded bagel with Marmite XO
L - roasted chicken breast and lettuce on granary bread
S - 1 scoop in semi-skimmed milk
S - 1/2 toasted bagel with ham and lettuce
D - roast saddle of lamb with apricots and prunes, with potato, parsnip, carrot and broccoli

Exercise - 45 minutes of gym, 20 minutes hardcore hoovering

Calories (kcal)
[kcals to maintain weight (inc. exercise)
Protein (g) 142.1 (31.5%)
Carbohydrate (g) 196.5 (40.9%)
Fat (g) 55.2 (27.6%)
Fruit & Veg 5.0


  1. That lamb sounds delicious, hope you enjoy it!

  2. It was lovely thanks; and there's loads left for "sandwiches" today :o)