Friday 21 May 2010

First run of new routine

It was pretty fun and really hard on the upper arms, especially my weak left arm.  It feels quite light on the legs, this new routine, but there are clean and presses in there so it should maintain things at least.  As expected, I really pushed it and upped the sets all to 3.
  • Squat and swing with 10kg (like a kettlebell swing) - 3x10
  • core pendulum swings (lying on the floor, legs up, swing legs/rotate hips) - 3x10 each side SUPERSET
  • Lunge with single arm swing opposite arm to knee (same side arm and leg working) 4kg dumbbell - 3x10 each side SUPERSET
  • clean and press 15kg barbell (use box) -8, 10, 10
  • reverse lunge with row (cable machine) 12.5kg - 3x12 SUPERSET
  • side plank with row (4kg) hold 3s each- 3x10 SUPERSET
  • 3x 30s sprints on cross-trainer (L6, 60s recovery)
  • warm down 5 minutes and stretch
And tonight, one of my absolute favourites for dinner!  Chicken in black bean sauce with noodles:-

So high protein with the extra black beans in there as well :o)

Oh and my vegetables are starting to sprout!

Pak choi:-

Which look very much like they're going to need thinning out real soon now.


The courgettes and sweet peppers aren't showing yet, so obviously I'm worried about them!

B - 1 scoop MP Max in greek yogurt with blueberries and flaked almonds
S - Dorset Cereals bar, berries and cherries
L - EAT soup, Smokey Bacon and Lentil
S - 1 scoop MP Max in skimmed milk and an apple
S - beef jerky
D - chicken in black bean sauce with buckwheat noodles

Exercise - 55 minutes gym

Calories (kcal)
[kcals to maintain weight (inc. exercise)
Protein (g) 158.4 (43.9%)
Carbohydrate (g) 150.4 (39.1%)
Fat (g) 27.3 (17.0%)
Fruit & Veg 7.1


  1. Looking forward to seeing your chicken in black bean sauce it sounds lovely!

  2. It's one of the nicest meals we make, but it's a bit labour intensive, in my opinion. Worth it once in a while, but not at the end of a tiring day. The black beans last almost forever though, so the only extra ingredients to get in for it is chilli peppers and root ginger, which we often have in for making curry.

  3. Great strength workout! You are strong! :-)

  4. Thanks Laura; that's a pretty cool compliment coming from you :o)