Saturday 1 May 2010

Patience is definitely a virtue

Yesterday was a bit messy.  Out for lunch and then out in the early evening.  Over-indulgence on the wine front and this after last weekend's 3 day enjoyment.  And I must not try to do anything about it until after Monday's triathlon.  Restricting calories and/or packing in the exercise so close to the triathlon would be a Very Bad Idea.  So I'm all stressy about it and grumpy and desperate to get back on track.  After that triathlon, I'll have a kg to shift off again.  Meh.  I know how to do it and I'll actually be back in the gym again after almost 2 months off it, but still... I don't want to be on deficit any more, those times should be long gone.  There are always going to be days here and there with over-indulgence, of course there are, but to have so many in a couple of weeks was unfortunate at the least.

Today I ought to be making sure my bike works, but I'm a bit hung over(!) so don't feel like doing much.