Monday 3 May 2010

Carb loading really did work

Not even the slightest of bonks this morning! (more on that later)

Yesterday was carb-tastic (though not all the right kind of carbs, but still):-

Potato salad with cucumber, lettuce, sweet potato, chorizo and mayonnaise.  Followed by:-

Broken meringue nests with apricot compote *dribble*.  So, lots of carbs and carbs in excess of my maintenance calories, so it should get laid down at least some as glycogen (which does seem to have worked).  Potatoes with skins on and wholewheat pasta so complex mixed in with simple and some fats right at the end of the day in the chocolate to help slow down metabolisation of the carbs.

B - toasted fruity bread with honey
S - rice cakes with Marmite and grated gruyere
L - potato salad with lettuce, spring onion, cucumber, chorizo, sweet pepper and mayonnaise
S - Salt and Balsamic Vinegar Kettle Chips (NOM!)
S - rice cakes with Bovril
S - meringue nests with apricot compote
D - wholewheat pasta with sweetcorn and cheese sauce
S - Lindt 70% chocolate

Exercise - rest day

Calories (kcal)
[kcals to maintain weight (inc. exercise)
Protein (g) 73.1 (14.2%)
Carbohydrate (g) 293.5 (53.6%)
Fat (g) 73.6 (32.2%)
Fruit & Veg 4.7

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