Wednesday 19 May 2010

New routine

More for my own memory as my trainer's handwriting is almost as bad as mine ;o)
  • Squat and swing with 10kg (like a kettlebell swing) - 2x10
  • core pendulum swings (lying on the floor, legs up, swing legs/rotate hips) - 2x10 each side
  • Lunge with single arm swing opposite arm to knee (same side arm and leg working, 4kg dumbbell) - 2x10 each side
  • clean and press 15kg barbell (use box) - 2x10
  • reverse lunge with row (cable machine) 12.5kg - 2x12 SUPERSET
  • side plank with row (4kg dumbbell) hold 3s each- 2x10 SUPERSET
  • 3x 30s sprints on cross-trainer (L6, 60s recovery)
  • warm down 5 minutes and stretch
I suspect most of the 2x10 will turn into 3x10 over time and quite quickly.

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