Monday 15 February 2010

Feeling like tepid poop

Something I ingested yesterday decided to disagree with my lower digestive tract at around 0530 this morning. I'm not about to over-analyse it, but I feel horrible. Much less horrible after a long sleep, covered in kittens and a huge bowl of fruity porridge. But I'm very glad that it wasn't me who discovered the "present" from the kittens this morning. Poor little mousey-thing looked very deflated, apparently.

Yes, yesterday was very indulgent and my stomach probably can't cope with that sort of thing any more, but it was all delicious and we had a fantastic day from start to finish:-

(roasted pheasant with potatoes, broccoli, baby corn, sugar snap peas and a Madeira sauce - ate almost none of the potatoes and there are lots of pheasant leftovers - starter was a trio of different cures of smoked salmon on granary toast and dessert was a feather-light, calorie-laden chocolate souffle)

And I got unexpected fabulous presents at the end of dinner:-

My HRM watch is reminding me that last week was quite productive on the exercise front, so I'm not feeling in the slightest bit bad about doing none at all today and taking it easy at home... more nappage to come as I can feel the need again and my guts are about to crest another wave of feeling horrid.

Last week:-
Exercise count: 5
Exercise time: 04:57
Exercise kcals: 2,810

Since 15th June 2009:-
Exercise count: 205
Exercise time: 118h
Exercise kcals: 65,631


  1. Hi TOTKat, sounds like you had a lovely valentines day! Was just wondering - what brand and model HRM watch do you use and do you rate it? I'm thinking of getting one and a recomendation would be really helpful, Thanks x

  2. Hi Angel31!

    I have a Polar F11; although it is end-of-life from Polar, you can still buy them at a reasonableish price from various places. Polar are definitely a good make of HRM and they have a huge range from the basic ones which just give you BPM and kcals burned (the FT4), through the FT80 which has features based around strength training, to ones that take GPS and foot pod modules and could probably control the International Space Station ;o)

    To be honest, for most people I'd say the FT4 is plenty enough, though they do seem to be selling quite expensively!

  3. Thanks for the info, I've just started running so thought getting one would be good for tracking how many cals I'm burning. I think I'll be looking for a good deal on ebay!