Saturday 20 February 2010


For Valentine's Day, I bought last of the rabbits and pheasants in the butcher down the road from my work.  The pheasant was last weekend's noms.  Today, I'm casseroling the rabbit.  It's good stuff, very lean and tasty.  I've put it in a pot with some wine, celery, carrots, onion, honey, tinned tomatoes, thyme and butter and it's bubbling away as I type.  I did have to joint the rabbit, which resulted in quite a blood-splattering due to the liver, kidneys, heart and lungs which were tucked into the rib cage and entangled in membranes a little.  We'll be having half of it with some mashed potato and sweet potato and broccoli in a bit and I must say I'm fair drooling with anticipation...

Good gym today, despite having really not fancied it.  Though there was the usual annoyance of not having access to the equipment I need at the local gym to home and having to improvise.  Hey ho.

B/L - toasted wholemeal and seed bagel with ham, caramelised onion houmous and lettuce
S - carott and houmous
S - 1 scoop in semi-skimmed milk
S -  Dorset Cereals bar - 3 berries and cherries
D - rabbit casserole, mashed sweet potato and potato, and broccoli
S - banana custard (using Birds powdered custard :o))

Exercise - gym (HRmax 180, HRavg 154)


  1. I would *LOVE* to try rabbit, what meat would you say it is similar to, both in taste and texture?

  2. It has a texture closest to turkey leg meat, but slightly denser and slightly less prone to drying, but only slightly. Taste-wise, again quite turkey-like but leaning towards pheasant. It doesn't do well outside of being stewed/casseroled in some way, but I have pan-fried it in some butter and added cider near the end and it didn't get dry at all. Well worth trying and quite a cheap meat in the grand scheme of things; I paid £4.50 for a whole rabbit which has easily made 4 portions of casserole.