Thursday 25 February 2010

Not as bad as it could have been

Last night's event could have been a right old mess, but I had a plan and due to delays in travel between the wine bar and the venue, I drank a little less than I had anticipated which was even better.  I even laid off any carbs during dinner, but then endedup scoffing toast when I got home because I was so hungry by then!  Photos and details laster when I've had a chance to get them off my camera and if they're not all fuzzy and out of focus.

The down side of yesterday was that work was so busy that I didn't make it to the gym for number 2 weights session this week.  So I've had 2 rest days in a row and I'm very much not up to the cross-trainers at the gym near work (they're a different model to the ones everywhere else I've been/go and have a much bigger range of movement which is significantly harder work even at lower resistance level settings) so I'm going for a run when I get home.  I can't even do the "get of the tube a few stops early and run home from there" thing today 'cause I have to cart home all the stuff I left at work last night and the new kitchen scales etc.

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