Friday 16 July 2010

My name is TOTKat and I'm an addict

So.  I decided to have a go at cycling in to work this week.  And having cycled in on Tuesday, home on Wednesday and in and back again today, I want more.  This always happens when I find something I enjoy; I want to do it -all- of the time.

The problem with doing it every day is work-related.  When I cycle, I get in at about 07:45, so I want to go home at 17:00.  This does not fit well with my job.  There are 3 options: I carry on only cycling in two days a week, which is acceptable to shift my day a bit; I try cycling in a bit later and see what the traffic is like later; or I suck it up and just put in longer days 3 days a week.



  1. Work always gets in the way doesn't it! Glad your enjoying your cycling!

  2. I'd suggest you try cycling a little later.

    If you're worried about there being more cars on the road, then remember that more cars means they are often going slower.

    I get a real sense of enjoyment in passing cars that are stuck in traffic. It's about as close as you can get to off-road single track without being "off-road"... that's something else you should try!

    But as always, take good care both on and off the roads!

  3. Hey Ross!

    It's more a worry that the journey will take lots longer due to spending more time filtering through traffic than sailing along at a reasonable speed. I think I'll try 07:30 start on Monday to see what it's like. It can't be worse than the journey home which takes 10 minutes longer than the exact same route in reverse for the journey in. But yes, absolutely love passing cars :o)

    I did see your fabulous time for London to Brighton BTW, great going! We missed signing up this year, didn't get the notification email and forgot to check until it was too late and all the places were gone :o/