Saturday 3 July 2010

Think I'm back on track

Lovely gym on Friday.  I did try to use the 30kg bar-bell for my clean and press now that I'm nearly comfortably doing 10x3 with 25kg but, well, it didn't work very well.  Not even one :oD  Maybe Monday!

Today I had a reasonable cardio/intervals session with a teensy bit of core work, plus having a go at pull-ups on the easier (where I can get my hands closer together) apparatus and if I jump into it a bit so I'm not starting from completely hanging down, I can actually do it.  Nearly there!

Nice foodz and dinner on its way:- rose veal escalope in garlic and lemon sauce with roasted sweet potato wedges and mushrooms.

Rest day tomorrow I think; my shoulders are saying Hello! quite a bit still from yesterday.  Hope youse are all having a great weekend, lots of (interesting) sport on now with Wimbledon and Le Tour :o)  Who's following and who do you want to win?  I'm rooting for Bradders (Wiggins) for sure!


  1. I always wonder why it's so hard to go up in weight sometimes when one weight feels comfortable, sometimes lifting only 1kg more seems impossible!

  2. I've really been enjoying the sport on the TV recently, I've missed quite a bit of wimbledon which is a shame. My shoulders and arms are knacking too!

  3. Kate,

    I did a session involving pull ups today - holy mother they are tough going! This is good for us - right? :-)

  4. So I'm told...

    Good on ya for trying them, they're really good for loads of muscles :o)