Wednesday 28 July 2010

Quick check-in

Unload week is going well.  I feel a whole lot better so far and the 1 full-body weights session I've done since Friday has resulted in some gentle DOMS which is helping to stave off the guilt at not doing much.  Also, I did a body fat check a bit early (not due until Sunday, but given the carb loading on Saturday, that won't work very well) and I'm now under 25%.  Started at 31% in June last year and I'm now 24.9% after a couple of blips around Christmas and then skiing injury.  Yeah, I could have worked harder and got there faster, but I'd rather have done it the way I have done it; slowly and carefully (mostly).

Massage day tomorrow and a second weights session on Friday then the swim on Sunday.  That's it for this week :o)


  1. Massage day sounds good!!

  2. It's a deep-tissue massage so can be really sore on the tight/knotted bits. Feel great afterwards though :o)