Sunday 25 July 2010

Weekly roundup and sensible planning

This week was a complete mess, as you can see.  If I'm going to cycle this much, I have to work out how to sort out my nutrition to match it properly.

Last week:-
Exercise count: 10
Exercise time: 07:41
Exercise kcals: 4,408
Kcals difference from loss for the week: +2594
Kcals difference from maintenance for the week: -906
(+ is excess vs. quota, - is deficit below quota)

Day Quota Exercise Total Consumed Difference Difference for Week
1285 1214 2499 2890 391 391
1289 1289 1564 275 666
1296 1155 2451 2147 -304 362
1295 733 2028 2018 -10 352
1292 762 2054 1959 -94 258
1285 1285 3318 2033 2291
1296 1296 1599 303 2594
Total 9038 3864 12902 15496 2594

Since 15th June 2009:-
Exercise count: 312
Exercise time: 212h
Exercise kcals: 115,881

What's weird is that my lovely blue M&S silk&linen dress was pretty loose yesterday even though the scales are saying "umm... you're eating less than you're expending are you? really?".  I can't do a body fat measurement to see if there's something else going on because I'm retaining water like a so-and-so today.  Everything is just totally in flux, too many changes at once, I need to look after myself in order to take part in the Thames swim next Sunday, and I need to re-think how I approach the next 5 weeks.


Next week I'm focussing on the Thames swim on Sunday.  This means the following:-
  • winding back the cycling to probably zero (over 100km in a week is a bit much right now)
  • -IF- my groin feels OK on Monday I'll do a weights session
  • on Tuesday, I shall take the 3rd open water training session
  • -IF- my groin feels OK on Wednesday, I'll do a weights session
  • I have a deep tissue massage on Thursday at which I shall ask for focus on my thighs
  • -IF- my groin feels OK on Friday, I'll do a weights session
  • I will aim for roughly maintenance kcals throughout the week
  • I will carb load on Saturday, which -will- involve going over maintenance kcals for that day
  • I will enjoy late lunch out on Sunday after the Nokia Thames swim in the morning
  • I will be 1lb heavier on Sunday and Monday than I am on Friday, mostly due to carb loading
 Then from the week after, I will wind up the cycling again, keep the weight training in place, but aim for roughly maintenance kcals over the week for the following 4 weeks, trying to keep it even throughout the week rather than bulges and holes.  The 4th week, I will taper exercise down for the final Thames Turbo Triathlon of the year.  Once that's over I can start to re-focus on fat loss.


  1. Hey Kat! I'm glad you've seen sense and revised this schedule. That would be a lot for a taper week, and especially so given you're carrying a potential injury. If you do train, keep it as a maintenance session chick: you don't want sore muscles for Sunday!

    As for the guilt, you've already made the decision to postpone the fat loss until your triathlon season is over, so let yourself focus on being fit for sport now. That will inevitably mean the odd missed session in order to allow for needed rest - which will mean lost calorie expenditure. And it will inevitably mean eating up to maintenance and increasing glycogen and water - which will mean a bit of weight gain. But you're not just about being as light and skinny as you can be. You're about being fit and healthy and the best triathlete you can be. That's your focus right now, and I think it's the better of the two :)

    I'll be keeping a close eye on you over the next month madam. Expect a boot to the backside if I see you overtraining. (And if you could return the favour.. Pot, kettle, etc etc!) ;)

  2. Wow, that is one detailed exercise schdule/analysis thingie!!

    Good luck with the tri!