Friday 23 July 2010


Really very tired.  I'm getting an hour less sleep on the nights before I cycle to work (I have to get up at 06:15 to miss the worst of the traffic on the way in) and have tripled the expended energy due to exercise compared with a previous "normal" week.  So, no wonder I'm tired, I'm not used to it.   I've put in 120km cycling this week, up from pretty much zero, for crying out loud!

Thankfully I have the whole weekend off and it's enforced.  Also, thankfully, I've got only two sessions of my current weights routine left.  I don't like it.  Really.  There aren't enough compound exercises so whilst it's hard, I don't get as much benefit as I'd like.  And as it's legs-hard it's the worst thing while I'm starting out with cycling commuting.

Hopefully I'll be back to journalling more regularly next week.  We'll see.

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