Thursday 21 January 2010

I never thought I'd think like this

I'm really hating not being able to train at the gym, or run, or cycle or even swim.

It's so worked into my routine as well as allowing me to eat more during the day. My stomach is used to eating lots and my brain and muscles are used to that lovely hour on most days where I get to focus on getting fitter and healthier and not think about anything bad, or tricky, or worrying.

I'm irrationally worried that I'll gain fat while I'm not training. Of course my muscles will waste a tiny bit through lack of use, but it won't be anything really appreciable in the time scales we're talking about here. I know these things, but I still think I'm going to wake up fat. Mad. huh?

Anyway, I'm giving my leg the weekend to feel significantly better or I'm off to the doctor to see about getting a referral to a physiotherapist. I've got a skiing holiday coming up soonish, dammit! And there is no way on Earth I"m missing out on that!

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