Monday 18 January 2010

Thighs of burning fire

Well, lesson learned there I'd say. Full body weights on Friday, mad cross-trainer intervals on Saturday followed by the first run in ages on Sunday, equals thighs of burning fire. Ohyes. They hurt. All along the front and on the back of the left one. Walking up stairs is fun. As is using my legs with no assistance to get up from seated, especially when carrying things. Ow.

And I was gonna run part-way home after work. Hah! Decided to swim after work with hubby instead :o)

Brekkie was utterly delicious this morning. I used a sample sachet of the cookies and cream flavour and ohboy is it nice! Gotta work through the vanilla first before I'm allowed to buy any though:-

Lunch was lacking in bulk. I generally need lunch to at least look substantial and though it tasted good, it looked a bit pathetic in the lunch box:-

Which meant that come 2nd afternoon snack, I was about to tear arms off and chew at them, but managed to stick to the carrots and houmous I'd packed, except the houmous was a bit mouldy and I ate it anyway.

The salmon fillets we get from Ocado are fabulously tasty, "lightly smoked" makes them salty and smokey and just really strongly flavoured so they need nothing doing to them at all. So, so, sooo nice:-

Exercise - 48 minutes weights (HRmax 179, HRavg 166) and 33 minutes swim (HRmax 172, HRavg 163)

B - greek yogurt with 1 scoop cookies and cream whey, fruit compote and Grape Nuts
S - Dorset Cereals; 3 berries and cherries bar
S - 1 scoop chocolate in semi-skimmed milk (no bloody skimmed. again.)
L - salad; spinach, sweet peppers, capers, roasted chicken breast, honey, mustard and lemon juice
S - tangerines
S - carrot and houmous
S - banana
D - salmon fillets with couscous, peas and sweetcorn
S - 1 scoop strawberry delight in semi-skimmed milk

Calories (kcal)
[kcals to maintain weight (inc. exercise)

Protein (g) 171.0 (36.9%)

Carbohydrate (g) 190.3 (38.5%)

Fat (g) 50.8 (24.6%)

Fruit & Veg 7.1

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