Tuesday 12 January 2010

New toy!

My trusty Canon Ixus died a few months ago after many years of good service. It Just Worked. Then at a gig at Somerset House last year, it went a bit funny. The day after, it recovered and was fine again for a while until it wasn't any more.

Under advice from cameraphile friends of mine, towards the end of last year, I checked out the Canon S90 and fell in love a tiny bit. And yesterday I finally gave in and spent some of my October bonus on one. So now I have one functioning compact camera and one slightly broken (USB connector usable only with great care, so it needs repairing, though I can use a card reader instead if I have to) DSLR that has lasted really well since March 2007 or so and still going strong at well over 10,000 photos taken with it now.

Obligatory cat test shots...


  1. Ohhh, I really want a new camera! I'm very jealous :D

  2. I was sad my Ixus died. It was great, the battery lasted forever and it never took a bad photo! Of course, it was a great excuse to get a "best of breed" crossover between compact and DSLR :o) Now I just have to remember to take photos of food with it!