Tuesday 18 August 2009

Cross with myself

That Chinese and wine mess on Sunday has made a mess of me. Almost a kilo up yesterday and the same still today. It should just be "more stuff in my innards", but that should sort itself out a bit in 24-36 hours. It hasn't. :o( Why couldn't I just lay off the food and booze a bit? I don't even -like- cake, dammit and I had two fairy cakes as well as dinner.

So, I'm not going out with hubby and his best man tonight; even though it's dinner in a place that serves lots of really good meat (ostrich, various different antelope etc.). I'm going to sit at home and have a small portion of home made chilli or an omelette. And sulk. Because it's my own stupid fault.


  1. I have just started following your blog... its really entertaining. Don't be too hard on yourself :), everyone needs to eat some treats now and then!! :)

  2. Thanks :o) If there's anything most people are guilty of, it's being too hard on themselves. I just turn into a stroppy toddler when I have to face the consequences of a little slip ;o)