Thursday 20 August 2009


So those 1/2 sized weights I added in on the machines are actually 5kg, not 3.5kg, I bothered to look on the side as I noticed there were 3 different sizes of them :o) So that makes my pec deck and tricep pulldowns go from 14kg to 19kg and the lat pulldowns up from 21kg to 26kg. *grin* only an extra 1.5kg on what I previously thought, but it all adds up.

Not going to get 3 weights sessions in this week, with being at home yesterday and away at the weekend, so that was my last session with that routine. I fear the next one as I tend ot get to see what it might have in it when I see my trainer working with other people in the gym. I see planks in my future ;o) (I tried one the other day when I was actually a bit ill and managed 01:34, which I thought was quite good really - see, I can do positive!) Oh and the excess from last Sunday is almost gone, so I might have lost another kg when I get weighed and measured on Monday on the gym scales. Shame the bio impedance body fat machine is -still- broken so I won't be able to compare properly with the last measurement, but my trainer said she'd use calipers this time. Seems a bit random to me, three different measurement methods in as many assessments; I can't compare any of them! Does she not -understand- my need for proper statistics!? I am a numbers nerd, dammit!

BTW, still feel soooo much better than I have done for the last 2.5 weeks *bounce* Yay for antibiotics!

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