Thursday 13 August 2009

Rumbly evening

So I pulled myself together and went to the local gym (not anywhere near as nice as the ones, yes three of them all within 5 minutes walk of my office, near work) and did my current weights routines while the blokes in there looked like they were a mixture of fascinated and horrified. I don't think women do weights in that gym, just cardio and classes. And then, like a total idiot, instead of getting the tube home, I ran. 2.5 miles in 26 minutes with no stopping and at a pace of 9.3km/h which is pretty good for me, though it felt slower. Max heart rate 185BPM, average 179BPM - it was quite hot outside.

Scarfed some chocolate milk when I got home and felt fine after my shower.

But now my stomach is doing its thing again. Hey ho. Back to school tomorrow as it looks like things are fine during the day but deteriorate through late afternoon to evening.

Still on relatively high carbs and bland foods until I see the doc again next week.

Exercise - weights and a 2.5 mile run

B - muesli and semi-skimmed milk
S - peanut butter and banana milkshake
L - salad of peas, green beans, black olives, fake feta, lemon juice and black pepper
S - chocolate milk drink
D - baked potato with tuna, sweetcorn, baked beans and low fat Leerdammer (nom!)

Calories (kcal) 1942
Protein (g) 101.9 (21.7)
Carbohydrate (g) 265.9 (53.1)
Fat (g) 52.5 (25.2)
Fruit & Veg 7.6


  1. Sounds like a great workout! Women don't do weights in my gym either, the guys have accepted me very well though :D

    Hope the tum feels better soon

  2. Thanks :o)

    It's a bit horrible, that gym, the one near work that I go to is much nicer, has wimminz wot do weights (one of whom has scary big muscles when they're in use!) and most of the trainers are women too (including mine). Shame we're moving office in a month and a bit!