Thursday 13 August 2009

Hate not knowing

At the risk of a little TMI, I just carted the final "sample" to the local hospital for the rest of the tests the doctor wants done. I've got a follow-up appointment next week to go through the results and see if he can figure out what's going on. I just hate not knowing, it's frustrating and I just want to get on with getting it fixed. On the up side, I appear to be a bit hungry today, which is yet another improvement on yesterday when I just had no appetite and kept leaving half my meals and coming back to them later.

I'm still off work 'cause my brain is mush and I'm still getting pains every now and then (don't want that happening at work or on the tube) but debating going outside later to get some fresh air and maybe a little exercise if that's not a dumb idea. Hard to tell.


  1. Seems to be the season for stomach weirdness. Hope yours gets sorted in time for your hols!