Friday 21 August 2009

End of the week and end of the current routines. I get a new set on Monday with my trainer. *fear* The gym scales like me again, let's see how that goes after the weekend, shall we? ;o) Really really hoping for a lower body fat measurement on Monday too, but I don't know what to expect with calipers, how different that might be than the bio-impedance monitor and whether I've just been eating too much to reduce my body fat at all. I've certainly put the exercise in since the last measurement fest...

Exercise - intervals on the cross trainer, reverse crunches and side crunches with an 8kg ball

B - toasted onion bagel with Marmite (still off milky brekkie due to medication)
S - Nakd bar (Banana bread)
L - Beef, ginger and chilli Pho (from EAT)
S - banana
S - protein shake
S - 3 tangerines
D - lettuce, tomato, pine nuts, cous cous and red pepper salad with pork and apple sausages

Calories (kcal) 1781
Protein (g) 117.3 (27.1%)
Carbohydrate (g) 187.1 (40.6%)
Fat (g) 61.9 (32.2%)
Fruit & Veg 6.4

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