Monday 24 August 2009

Falling by the wayside

I've not had a great grip on nutrition over the last few weeks. As a consequence, I lost a kilo, then put it back again. I should be around 67.5kg on a gentle, slow fat loss but I'm still at 69kg. I'm seeing my trainer today and she'll be doing my measurements. They're not going to have changed a whole lot since I was last measured 5 weeks ago, which is totally my own fault but still disappointing. I think I'm a bit lost at the moment, not sure what my goals are or what they should be or even if I want to have a goal. Losing just body fat is very very hard after having gone through a massive weight loss in the past and being generally happy with life so I don't need something to obsessively focus on.

I need to re-assess where I want to go with this and what I want out of it. Starting to exercise was only ever supposed to be about getting fitter, not about losing weight or looking different but because some of that has happened and I see other people who do have strong goals with that and who are succeeding, I started to want it too. Definitely need to have a proper think about my motives and sustainable goals.

Last week's statistics:-
Exercise count: 6
Exercise time: 03:15
Exercise calories: 1,904

Cumulative since 15th June:-
Exercise count: 79
Exercise time: 39:06
Exercise calories: 21,085

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