Monday 24 August 2009

None the wiser

So, in 2.5 months of going to the gym I've lost 1% body fat. Big whoop. Not impressed. Lost a few more cm around the measurements on last time, but some of that felt rather like the tape being pulled too tightly. Of course, I don't have the data so I'll have to ask for it again. I'm glad my trainer took the time to find a bio-impedance body fat measuring machine as that made me a bit happier about comparing consecutive results. Still. I want the full data and I need to have a think about what I want to do with this stuff.

New routines...

Cardio/intervals (treadmill :o( ):-
5 mins slow jog
5 mins running pace
5x 1min sprint, 30s recovery
5 mins running pace

Twisting crunches 3x10
Reverse crunches 3x10

Warm up - 1km rowing or 10 mins cross-trainer L5
Step ups with shoulder press 3x10 (5kg)
Lunges 3x10 (7kg)
Straight arm pulldown 3x10 (21kg)
Assisted chin-ups 3x10 (45kg, work towards 40kg)
Over-head tricep extensions on swiss ball (7kg medicine ball)
Crunches with leg extensions with 3kg medicine ball 3x10 each leg
Plank 3x 1 minute
Straight leg raises 3x10 (arms overhead with ball)
Cool down 10 mins

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