Tuesday 11 August 2009

Laid low

I have some sort of digestive tract thing going on. Off sick today. No exercise as I'm A. ill, B. in quite some discomfort and C. exhausted due to very little sleep.

I've had something odd going on for just over a week and it went nuts last night, I ended up huddled in a ball in bed with a vest, fleece and socks on because I was cold as well as in significant discomfort such that I couldn't straighten out my torso. So I called the surgery this morning to get to see a doctor today, but no, of course not, I can't see a doctor today because there's only one GP in today and it has to be an emergency. How do I know if it's a non-A&E kind of emergency and what the heck would that be anyway? Surely an emergency is something hanging off or suchlike and you really should go to A&E? I feel tired, miserable and in pain (but because it's stomach pain I don't dare take anything for it due to most things being quite harsh on the stomach).

Gonna try some Cheerios now to see how they go.


  1. Get yourself to A&E... if anything just to ease your mind

    I'm not saying this is what you have... but my ex had very similar problems and we all thought it was an ulcer, in fact we went to A&E and the div doctor prescribed pepto bismol. Anyway, it got so bad that paul was lying on the floor huddled up so I dragged him back to A&E (I lived round the corner from Chelsea & Westminster hospital so wasn't too far to drag him, lol) and we saw another doctor who finally took him seriously and got him x-rayed

    turned out his kidney was massively swollen as it wasn't emptying. There was a blockage in the pipe that leads to the bladder. He had to have an op and has been fine since... and I'm not saying you have anything as severe but I do reckon you should get it checked out!

    A&E won't be as busy in the day time either as the drunks are all sleeping it off ;-) get yourself down there girl, it was bloody boiling last night so you've no reason to be cold, sounds like something you need to get looked at.


  2. Eeep! Definitely getting it looked at in the morning and not taking no for an answer from the receptionist. It's less painful today than last night, but I feel pathetic (most likely the lack of sleep). If it gets worse in the afternoon I will certainly hie me to the local A&E in a cab.

  3. how you feeling today? did you get yourself looked at? x

  4. Thanks for asking :o)

    It's -much- less painful today, and I don't feel totally wiped out and pathetic, but still a-grumbling in the innards. I did get seen by the doc this morning and he sent me for some tests (thankfully there's a hospital within easy walking distance of home that does the tests); various gastro-intestinal suspects, also an outlier in potential up and coming appendicitis so if the pain gets lots worse I'm to go to A&E straight away.

    Results in next week and a follow-up visit at the doc. In the mean time, as long as it's not too bad, I just wait and take paracetamol if it's painful but not really bad.