Monday 17 August 2009


Yesterday ended up being a total disaster, food and drinks-wise... guests brought tasty (and oh so pretty!) cupcakes, of which I had two; then Chinese... 2 small spring rolls, 4 dry spare ribs, half a chicken curry, 1/3 of a large egg fried rice, oh and a bottle(!) of Cava. Then, just before bed, nibbled on a little bit of leftover crispy chilli beef. 3,100kcal (yesterday's loss quota, inc.exercise, 1,588kcal, maintenance inc. exercise 2,088kcal) :o( and 7 units of alcohol!

I should feel terrible, but I'm just tired having woken up at 6am and not been able to get back to sleep. I weigh 40 gazillion tons, but that's mostly 'cause my body has a lot in it from yesterday. My biceps -still- hurt from carrying a huge bag of soil on Saturday (no trolleys in B&Q). My belly is sticking out and wobbly. *whine* Yeah, I know it's all my own doing.

I'm off to the gym for a weights session today. So, I'll weigh -even- -more- tomorrow. Hey ho.

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